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Our Caddy Experiences

Choose your preferred level of caddy experience to suit your requirements.

Ultimate Keen People Caddies Experience 

Fully qualified & professional golf instructor.

Duties: Carry the bag, club selection, read the greens, tend the pin, rake the bunkers, replace the divots, pitch repair, give yardages, scoring, clean the equipment.

Deluxe Keen People Caddies Experience

 In-house trained hospitality caddy.

Duties: Pull the trolley, club selection, tend the pin, rake the bunkers, replace the divots, pitch repair, clean the equipment.

Premium Keen People Caddies Experience

 Hospitality caddy only.

Duties: Assist with registration, competitions, charity fundraising, driving a refreshments buggy, any other hospitality duties.

All caddies will arrive 1 hour before tee off and stay for a minimum 1 hour after the round.

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